Waste Oil Heaters/HVLS Fans

Waste Oil Heaters for Michigan's Auto Repair Shops

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Make heating your workshop more affordable with a waste oil heater.

By burning your equipment’s waste oil, your shop can be quickly heated for a fraction of the price! Dows Equipment offers a wide variety of waste oil heaters that can easily be incorporated into your shop. Instead of letting your technicians freeze in the winter, choosing a waste oil heater is an inexpensive option that saves your shop money over time!

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MacroAir fans by EnergyLogic® allow for comfortable working conditions year-round, radiating warmth when it’s cold and cooling down when it’s hot.

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These commercial fans feature a silent motor that complements the look of your repair shop but are durable enough for outdoors. Instead of blasting your shop’s heat or AC and increasing your energy bills, a MacroAir fan can pump out and circulate the comfort that your business needs. Our fans save you up to 30% on your energy costs, no matter the season! Simply get in touch with a Dows Equipment team member today to learn more about a specialized MacroAir fan and see how much your repair shop can save!  

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Dows Equipment Solutions for shop Air-Conditioning. 

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When you Shop gets Hot, it’s time to keep those technicians cool and focused on the job, not the uncomfortable heat surrounding your customer’s vehicles. Take some of the “pressure cooker” off your techs backs and put in some Dows Equipment -BendPak Cool Boss evaporative air coolers! Roll-it, Start-it, Cool-it!

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